Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reduce the Burden of Expectations

Few days back I came to see a poster sent in whats app, It reads -

"If you want Comfortable Journey of life then , Reduce the Burden of Expectations".

How True !I am myself saved from serious confrontations with my family and friends by just practicing this saying. Just because of being your siblings , spouse or parents does not mean that they should reach your little expectations. Remember that every one has their own definition and perspective of little things. Bringing forgotten or delayed lunch box to your office by a friend or sibling who literally stays nearby is a petty thing for you but it may not be same for other the persons.

You can never understand how it is reasonably correct to say No in this situation even you think with 100 percent empathy and sincerity. The result is frustration and anger on other person who said No.
It does not stop there. It will bother you for the rest of your day by disturbing your work and other human interactions. Keeping a side whether it is fair or not for other person to deny your trivial request, Is it fair on your Self to get disturbed , frustrated and unhappy for being said No ? Never right !

How you deal with this?

Just SMILE or LAUGH and say to yourself that Its perfectly OK to get a 'NO' for your request.
You need not expect any thing more from such a person in future and it helps you  not to ask any further help from him only to get disappointed.Life is too short to worry for others words or deeds which you are not responsible. Keep  smiling and Move ON.